Someone asked me what a typical day here at the sanctuary looks like. So here goes.
There are no paddocks or runs here, the dogs live in groups with 5-7 dogs per group, and they are never left outside unattended.

Wake up call in form of four legged alarm clocks telling me that is time to start the day. The house dogs like to sleep in, so I start with the dogs in the Extension and the Studio. One group at the time is let out for morning toilet, sniffing, stretching legs, morning cuddles. They do all this, while I clean up anything that is needed, re-do beds, change blankets, collect laundry and keep an eye on the monkeys as they swarm around. In order to do this properly I have developed a Mad Eye Moody ability of 360 degrees of vision. It helps. When both groups are done, I try to convince the House dogs to come outside. Not always successfully.

Feeding time. Everyone have their own place to eat, but there is usually always someone who thinks that all food in the world belongs to them, and someone who likes to dawdle over their food, so they are always supervised.

Turn on the washing machine, do washing up and have my own breakfast. Swear if phone rings.

11.30- 15.00
Outside time with the dogs in the back garden where they can run and play. Every group gets around an hour each. If the weather is really bad, shorter time outside and more time spent with them inside. This is also the time for some light recall training, teaching them how to interact with other dogs and assessment. Thanks to the miracle of smart phones I can also answer mails, post updates and take photos.

All dogs inside for rest and relaxation. I clean up poo, hang laundry, do another machine if needed, answer mails, make phone calls, set up neuterings, pick ups etc.

16.30 -17.30
Time to let the three groups outside again. If the weather is really good they usually spend all afternoon hanging outside with me. If it is really bad they get shorter outings every other hour.

Dinner time. Same procedure as breakfast, and everyone outside for a short break after dinner. Settle everyone, add extra coats or blankets if needed.

Clean house, cook dinner, eat dinner, do whatever admin is needed, try not to fall asleep in front of telly.

Last check on the dogs to see if anyone wants to go outside. Fall asleep in front of telly.

In addition some days also includes food runs, picking up new dogs, settling new dogs, taking dogs to the vets for neuterings, passports, travel preparation, medical emergencies ( always seems to happen on weekends or Bank holidays), taking them to transporter, meeting adopters, doing home checks and a myriad other things.

Repeat 365 days a year.

Clare Greyhound Sanctuary

A typical day at the sanctuary

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