Every year two very special people make the journey from the North down to Co Clare. They bring a car full.if gifts for the hounds, and a goodie bag for me and also a generous donation. This year the donation was an unbelievable €3000! There are no words to express how very, very grateful we,are fir all this kindness and generosity shown to the hounds here. But thank you, thank you thank you to everyone who contributed. To Juliann and John of course, for being simply the kindest, warmest people. To all their family and friends. To Translink, Newtonard’s Ancillary Boys, Team Iver and a special thank you to Bodie. You are all strangers to us here at CGS, yet every year we are blown away by your generosity. I’m going to say thank you again to Juliann and John for the dog food and for treating me to both lunch and dinner. It’s a rare treat to being picked up, driven to a restaurant and being able to sit down and relax a while. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

Two very special people

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