This morning I found Oonagh dead in her bed. Yesterday she was playing with Zachary, demanding cuddles and in her usual bossy way telling the boys to go to bed after dinner. There is so much more to say about this amazing dog but right now there are only tears. So many tears.💔💔💔

A special big thank you to Mairead who helped to bring Oonagh to my vet’s. As luck would have it, the van decided to pack in. And to Evelyn, who brought food for both hounds and myself.
Oonagh was so special in so many ways. She came to me in 2016, just before her second birthday, a very large girl who had stopped coursing because she was too nervous. It soon became clear that Oonagh simply did not do people. I was very lucky indeed to be on her approved people’s list, which was very short. But as long as she did not have to deal with dreaded people, she was a confident, bossy, playful and very loving dog. Her favourite game was me saying “Who is the most beautiful greyhound in the world?”, and she would light up, grin from ear to ear, wag her whole body and run over to me for a hug. She loved hugs. It’s been such a privilege to have her in my life for the past six years. But it was too short a time.
Oonagh / Cryptic Flash
2014 – 2022

Today is a day of total shock, grief and disbelief

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