I need to say a massive, massive thank you to everyone who took.part in our Bake Sale yesterday. It was an amazing day and my head is still buzzing. This was a huge thing to pull together and it could not have been done without Evelyn and Mikey, and Jennifer, who all sold cakes and promoted greyhounds as pets.
First to the bakers, Candy Made, Jennifer, Tricia and Evelyn. Amazing cakes! To Annie Zette for the knitted sweaters and the coats. The Dog Boy donated home made dog treats. And to everyone who attended and made the day fantastic. Least but not last, to the greyhounds and lurchers who showed everyone what brilliant pets they make, Fane, Dora, Juno, Icy, Lily, Gandalf, Frederic, Zachary, Penny, Loki and his sister (I’m sorry, I never got her name).
Now for the big reveal. I had to do a recount as I thought I got it all wrong, but no. From the actual sale €691, and another €125 via PayPal, brings the total to an amazing €811!! ❤️❤️❤️

Thank you to everyone who took part in our Bake Sale

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