Sometimes it feels as if running a Greyhound Sanctuary is the loneliest and scariest job in the world. But even if the day to day running of Clare Greyhound Sanctuary is a one person operation, there is no way this place could exist if it wasn’t for all the support, kindness, generosity and friendship that sees me through each day. So this is the annual heartfelt thank you to all of you!
To everyone who has adopted, helped with transport, donated, or posted a kind comment or message.
To everyone at Ceithre Cos in Tulla.
To Anne Houben for all her great work on the webpage, constant support, and for running and amazing auction.
To Anna Svensson and her family, who came for a visit, gave us an amazing donation and then took me to lunch 🙂
To Sylva and Nerea, who came to volunteer and bravely dealt with all the hounds and the chaos of moving.
To Ciara and the Tea Rooms in Quin, for giving me a few hours off, and feeding me to the gills, every other week.
To Annie, for the duvet covers for the hounds beds and for the visit, and more.
To Sabine and Andrea for adopting my oldies Anna and Lucy and giving them the best life.
To Lilian and GACI for finding such amazing homes for the orphans.
To Ulla and Vanessa at Greyhound4ever for finding my lovely Costa a home after such a long time here.
To David Betts for so generously donating the sales of his photos to the Sanctuary.
To Wioletta and her friends at work, for donating their win at the work challenge to us.
To Lotta, Eileen, Jennifer and Micheal, Judy, Christine and Stiofan, Ciara, Jen and Fionnuala, for so, so much.

Lastly, to those who are no longer with us, and very missed by their humans – Remembering Ezra, Belle and Mia ❤

Happy New Year and much gratitude from Clare Greyhound Sanctuary.

Thank you

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