There has been so many times these last six or so months, when I have thought that maybe worried friends are right. That this is impossible. That there is no way we can keep going without funding. When the stress and worry of begging and borrowing to make it through another week, another month, have felt overwhelming. And the weather hasn’t helped 😉 I know our situation is not unique. Every rescue in the country is bursting at the seams, and appeals are drowned in the deafening roar for help from so many, working so very hard to help far too many animals in need. So there are moments of fear and doubt, and wondering if it is really worth it. And then more fear and worry about what will happen if I just give up. To the oldies, Anna, Ava and Lucy. To the lurchers, Mabel and Harriet. To the spooky Oonagh still learning to trust others but me, and the gorgeous Costa, whose only fault is being reactive to small dogs. These are the ones always waiting while their roomies take off to loving futures.
But today the sun came out, and we spent happy hours in the back garden, and I thought that some things are worth fighting for even if it is difficult, scary, disheartening, exhausting and sometimes hopeless. They are all worth fighting for.
Here is to hoping April will not be the cruellest month.
spring spring spring spring


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