Special dog no 3, Tikki. Tikki also arrived in 2017. She was too nervous for racing. Funnily enough, Tikki was by far the easiest one of the three spooks to get along with. It wasn’t until I had a couple of house guests staying with me that the extent of Tikki’s fear driven behaviour became known. At the sight of my guests Tikki went into full blown OCD behaviour. She paced back and forth and shouted endlessly. It got so bad that the guests had to stay in the house just so Tikki could be outside. Merely knowing that strangers were on her property made her anxious and she would suspiciously scan the yard before going outside. These days if there are visitors, she will either hide in the kennels or do her OCD pacing.
Tikki is intense, extremely intelligent and there is something explosive about everything she does. As long as her environment remains stable and predictable she is able to live as normal a life that she is capable of, and she is affectionate and funny. But even hours after visitors have left she will remain anxious and on high alert, and she will be extra clingy and intense.

Special dog number 3: Tikki

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