Meet special dog number 1, Oonagh.
Oonagh arrived to me just before her second birthday in 2016. A large, stunning coursing dog, she was too nervous for competition, and she was also described as stand offish. Oonagh doesn’t really do people. She loved her owner, and luckily she took to me, but as far as she is concerned that is more than enough human interaction, though she will occasionally deign to sniff at the odd visitor. She is a happy, funny, very intelligent and extremely affectionate dog as long as her life is kept simple and predictable. She is great with other greyhounds. But things like going in the car, visitors, meeting people on walks, going into the house, visiting the vet etc will cause her distress and make her go into either panic or zombie dog mode. So Oonagh is allowed to live the life that suits her best. She gets to stay here, be the queen of her kennel group, playing with her best friend Leo and get lots of cuddles and love.

Special dog number 1: Oonagh

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