Taking a trip to the vets is a common occurrence. But when you need to take a dog like Sonia, it all turns into a huge endeavour involving two people, a lot of screaming and snapping, and sedatives. This weekend Sonia got a cut on the underside of her jaw and it looked deep enough for me to want it cleaned out properly and for her to to have antibiotics and antiinflammatories. Sonia is the sweetest girl, but she has very high anxiety and when she is scared she bites. Yesterday I spoke to my vets and was given a sedative to give Sonia one hour before her appointment. I also gave her a Gabapentin last night. This morning she got her sedative and Evelyn arrived to help out. A woozy, but determined Sonia decided to put up a fight. She screamed, she tried to run away, she chomped down on the muzzle and refused to let go. It is exhausting and quite traumatising even gently forcing a terrified dog to accept something that scares them. We got the lead and the muzzle on Sonia and we got her into the van. She walked into the vet on her own, but she was shaking with stress and fear, and she also fought against further sedation. She was still half out of it when I picked her up. No one wanted her to wake up fully and give herself a heart attack out of sheer stress. She is back home, still woozy, but with a clean wound and medication. I’m so grateful to everyone at Ceithre Cos, who are willing to work me to make everything as easy as possible for my spooky dogs and to reduce their stress levels as much as possible. It’s a lot of work for everyone, butbit is worth it.

Sonia to the vet

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