We got the news that Costa passed away shortly before his 12th birthday in his forever home in Germany. Costa arrived just before Christmas 2013, together with Pod. A stunningly beautiful blue brindle boy he was kind and gentle, very intelligent and one of those dogs who seemed to understand every word you said to him. He did not like small dogs and he had a strong prey drive, and that was enough for him to remain with me for four years. He was given the opportunity to go to Germany and Greyhound Forever in 2017. A real home of his own was all I wanted for him, but all the same it felt like ripping my heart out when I put him on the transport. He was unique and it was a privilege to know him. I’m so happy he finally got his own family and a long happy life.
Aika Greyhound took this lovely photo of the two of us when she visited.

Rest In Peace Costa

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