We currently have 100 euros in our account, and 60 of them are allocated to pay the dog food we bought last week. Laura, Leo and Tikki are still quite nervous around strangers, which means they will take longer to rehome, and the three older girls, Ava, Lucy and Anna are still here.
At the moment there are 18 dogs here, and another three on a waiting list. There is always a waiting list.
For too long now we have struggled and scraped our way through every month, choosing one bill over another, and it is beginning to take its toll. I don’t mind working 12 hours a day without pay, but doing it while feeling sick with stress over unpaid bills, is getting too much.
So please consider making a monthly donation, even if it is only a small one. Here is an economical statement, and also a wishlist of things we use daily. If you have any questions, please get in touch.
Thank you for reading

Clare Greyhound Sanctuary

We really need your help!

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