This little madam and I have been on quite a journey since she arrived a little over a year ago. The spookiness was the first part. I have seen worse, but Gaby’s was very unpredictable. She would be friendly and easy to deal with most of the time, but suddenly the spookiness would appear. The result was the two of us spending hours outside on cold, wet, windy nights, with me trying to convince her to come inside and Gaby darting off at any wrong move. Then the grabbing of clothes. For such a petite dog, Gaby is very powerful and I have lost count on the number of times she has suddenly grabbed my clothes and sent me flying into walls. I very quickly learned not to put my hands on the kennel door as she would jump up and nip them sharply. These days most of her behaviours have calmed down and we have learned to read and trust each other. And hopefully, one day, she will be ready to be rehomed. But for now, she is still a work in progress.

Oh Gaby

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