On Saturday I was on my way to get dog food when the van suddenly made a strange snapping sound and the engine died. Today I got the news that repairs will surpass the value of the van, and that it is basically a write off. This is a disaster on so many levels. Not only are we now without transportation and very vulnerable if there is an emergency. The cost of a new, decent van will effectively wipe us out financially. So we are setting up a fundraiser and hope to raise half of the cost of a new van.
Please help if you can. There will be a GoFundMe page, but you can also donate to out PayPal account, or to our bank account.
PayPal: greyhoundsanctuary.petra@gmail.com
Bank account: Clare Greyhound Sanctuary
IBAN: IE79 AIBK 9353 8738 5250 35
Please mark donations VAN
Thank you ❤️
New van

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