Marcus is a big, handsome, boisterous, three year old male. He is very strong on the lead, and can be a little mouthy, but don’t be fooled. Marcus is just an overgrown, very enthusiastic and very soft puppy. All he wants to do is to shower you with love and affectionate, but he has still to learn how to do it gently. Marcus needs kindness and patience, a harsh word or raised voice crushes him, and he will run and hide, making himself as small as he can. There is not a bad bone in his body, and once he has learned not to be so very overwhelming with hos displays of affection, Marcus will make the most loyal and stunning pet greyhound.

Leo, another shy one. But Leo has made great progress since he arrived. In the beginning he hardly dared to leave his bed, now he races around with the others, asks for cuddles and in general behaves like any other playful, two year old. New people, and new situations still make him very insecure though.

Malcolm is two years old, a tall, leggy boy with a lovely temperament. He likes to follow me around, loves meeting new people, and is very calm for such a young dog.
Malcolm lives with six other dogs without any issues, and he enjoys tearing around the garden, before settling down for a nap. He is a dote, very friendly and uncomplicated.

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Marcus, Leo and Malcolm

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