Honestly, I can’t barely believe that Clare Greyhound Sanctuary have existed for 10 years, or that I have been doing this for 10 years without a day off. Mind boggling. It’s been an eventful time, with plenty of ups and downs and some downright scary moments. Approximately 300 dogs have passed through, which may not sound so much, but for a one person operation is quite a lot. So.many things have been learned and are still being learned. Every now and then there will come a dog who reminds you that you need to re-evaluate all you know and think again. We will share many stories over the month, but a friend suggested that I should begin with sharing some information about myself. So here goes.
I first came in contact with greyhounds when I was 15 years old and had my first summer job at Guld’s Kennel in Sweden. Guld’s bred show greyhounds and was one of the most influential kennels in the breed. I spent a summer cleaning kennels, walking dogs and eating every meal with several greyhounds resentfully watching every bite I took. It was impossible not to fall in love. But it took many years, and a few cats, before I returned to greyhounds. In 2007 I travelled to Ireland and Orchard Greyhound Sanctuary to adopt a pet greyhound. I thought I was just getting a pet, but adopting Beauty changed the whole course of my life. The photo is of Beauty, the one who started this whole mad adventure.
Since it is the Anniversary, we have set up a GoFundMe page with a 10×10×10 fundraiser. If you would donate, it would make all of us very happy.


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