There are so many.people to thank for seeing us through 2021, which was a tough and difficult year. But in spite of coming close to saying “Enough!” a few times, we made it through, and we are hoping that 2022 proves gentler and easier.
Thank you to everyone who has adopted, donated, shared dogs and appeals, offered support, sent kind messages and liked posts. An extra thank you to everyone who made Christmas donations.❤ Due to everything turning extra chaotic towards the end of the year, we never managed to organise an auction. But we will.
As always, so many thanks to Anne, Annie, Eileen, Evelyn, David B, Mairead, Lotta, Julianne and John, Jennifer, Sabine,1 and Victoria. You are the best!
We would be lost without our fantastic vets and staff at Ceithre Cos. The support and kindness from Mary and Alison at The Pet and Hardware Store have seen us through some really tight moments this year.

Since it is the last day of the year, we would like to send special thoughts to the families who lost their beloved hounds this year. Anna, Alban, Bingley, Martha, Rocky and Sasha, we remember everyone of you and think of you often, and we are happy you got to live your lives surrounded by love.

From all.of us here, may 2022 bring better times and thank you so much for everything!


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