Greyhounds Greyhounds makes excellent pets for practically every type of home. They are highly intelligent, affectionate, laid back and easy to deal with. Being one of the worlds oldest breeds, they have lived side by side with us humans for centuries, and the bond between them and us has remained unchanged over time. Their gentle and kind nature have also remained unchanged for all this time, and few people who have experienced a greyhound up close and personal, usually sprawled upside down on a sofa, would willingly chose another breed to live with.

In spite of their size greyhounds do not take up much space, and since they are very calm dogs, they also make excellent dogs for people who live in apartments. As with every kind of breed, proper daily exercise is a must for a well behaved dog. At least one longer walk per day, and the possibility to run off lead, and you will have a very happy dog. A younger dog will have considerable more energy than an older dog, and this is something to be taken into consideration before you decide on which dog to adopt. If you work full time, and can only give the dog a short break in the middle of the day, you are better off with with an older and more settled dog, than with a two year old who is full of energy. If you love to spend a lot of time outdoors, and go for long walks, a younger dog would suit very well. Always remember that all dogs crave human company and should not be left alone for too long. A bored dog is more likely to become destructive and cause mischief, especially if it is young.

Greyhounds Many greyhounds live together with cats and smaller dogs without any problems. The myth that a greyhound will chase anything that moves, is just that, a myth. It all comes down to the individual dog and some basic, sensible training and introduction. Greyhounds are sprinters and use up enormous amount of energy when they run at full throttle. Consequently they spend a lot of time resting and conserving their energy for that one powerful sprint. This has earned greyhounds the nickname 45 mph Couch Potatoes, and many greyhound owners will testify to the fact that their greyhounds seems to sleep an inordinate amount of time.
Usually on the comfiest sofa in the house.
So if you have decided to adopt a greyhound, rest assured that there will be the perfect greyhound for you.

Recommended reading: Understanding Greyhounds. Our companions through the ages. By Mary Fox. Available through Amazon.