Arthur had an accident in the kennels and hurt his neck/shoulder, which led to him losing the use of his front legs. After a couple of days we moved Arthur from the vet clinic to Evelyn’s. He is still reluctant to stand, and his right front leg is still paralysed. He is also in pain. But he did perk up when he met Mansa and Icy, and he happily scoffed down cooked turkey mince and some treats. There are so many ups and downs right now, but for now we are happy about a relaxed look, a wagging tail and some alertness in him.

On Tuesday evening Arthur came back home. Here he is having a small potter in the sunshine. He is still quite wobbly and he tires quickly, but we do many small outings and make sure he rests plenty. This has been such a journey and I still have to remind myself that we are on the road to recovery. On behalf of Arthur, I would like to say a massive thank you for all the support he has received. ❤️ And to everyone at Ceithre Cos who pulled out all the stops for him. And to Evelyn and Mikey, who dealt with sleepless night, ripped off pain management and a very grumpy Arthur, who was done with being handled. ❤️ We have a long road ahead, but we are on it.


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