This is our rather sad and depleted bank account. It is actually around €300 less in it now, compared to when the statement was sent out. There is also around €100 in the PayPal account. I would like to stress that in spite of low funds, no hound is in danger and they will be fed and recieve veterinary care if needed. But we need help. Mainly we need help with fundraising, because the stress of trying to raise enough funds every month is really getting to me. I have decided to try to find a second job, a paid one, to help supplement the costs of running Clare Greyhound Sanctuary. But if someone could take on the responsibility of being in charge of fundraising, that would be great.
In the meantime, we are immensely grateful to everyone who has donated or bought dog food, or bought an item at the wonderful auctions organised by our amazing supporters. No matter how small the sum, it means a lot.

If you would like with the running costs of Clare Greyhound Sanctuary there are several ways of doing so.
Set up a monthly donation to our PayPal account.

Join our Teaming group:

Buy a bag of dog food from the shop on our webpage:

Thank you ❤

Depleted bank account

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