Welcome to Clare Greyhound Sanctuary’s Christmas Raffle. All funds raised will go towards keeping the Sanctuary running, so please let the spirit of Christmas engulf you and pick your number.
We have four lovely, handmade Lavender Greyhounds, kindly donated by Petra Elex, and four beautiful, satin house collars, as prices. In order to give everyone a decent chance to win something, there will only be 100 numbers and every number is 15 euro. The rules are simple. Pick a number between. 1-100 and mention it in the comments on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/permalink.php?story_fbid=2018958611712177&id=1625496467725062 (if are not on Facebook you can send us an email to the email address below)
Payments are made to our PayPal account
The raffle will be open until the 17th of December, and winners will be picked that evening.
Happy raffling ❤

Christmas raffle

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