As has been stated earlier, we lost our support from IRGT for the hounds earlier this year because of a change in their policy. Our funding has steadily decreased during the year, and from the 2017 we will have nothing. It has been a stressful time, operating on a shoestring budget and juggling bills and hoping that no dogs would need expensive veterinary care (they did) and that the car would hold up.

Thanks to some generous donations from GACI, Linda Ferris, Neil Newton and Clon Road Garden Center, we have managed to clear all our bills (and start a new one at the vets as Lucy needed dental surgery) and we will make it through December. But we need to raise funds to keep going. Click here to read our economical statement.

So the Christmas Miracle Wish is for have 150 people donate 10 euro each per month, or 300 people donate 5 euro each per month. Or many people to donate some small sum a month. Is this even possible? We are literally on our knees and the number of greyhounds in need of a rescue space is ever increasing. Currently there are 15 dogs here and seven on a waiting list. Every penny raised, and the earlier support we received, have always gone straight into keeping this place running. And we always managed to keep our head above water, and help some extra dogs as well. Right now, though, the future looks very bleak.

So please, if you can help in any way, please do.

Thank you!

The bank account for Clare Greyhound Sanctuary is

If you would like to help with our vet bill, please contact our vets directly.
Ceithre Cos Veterinary Surgeons
Main Street, Tulla, Co Clare
065 683 5234

If you would like to donate dog food, please contact The Pet and Hardware Superstore
Gort Rd Industrial Estate, Ennis
065 684 8807

Christmas miracle appeal

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