Like every other rescue in this country we are constantly struggling to stay afloat, and we are wholly dependant on donations to be able to continue to help greyhounds find homes. We have very small margins and unexpected expenses can create chaos. Every single penny that comes in goes to paying all the costs associated with running a rescue. Luckily the human in charge is willing to work for food and board, but there are still bills to pay every month, and a dog mobile to keep on the road. So please, if you have something to spare this Christmas, do think of the dogs here. We are only a small rescue, but we know we make a huge difference for every dog who comes into our care.
It would also make us really happy if lots of people signed up for our micro donation group at Teaming. It is only one euro a month per person, but with enough Teamers we could have some real security. The link to our Teaming group can be found at our webpage, on the How To Help page.
Our PayPal is

Many thanks and seasonal best wishes from all of us here.

Christmas appeal

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