Sometimes it takes a while

Sometimes it takes a while for a dog to find their forever home. Laura has been with me for three years. Always a bit skittish around strangers, she has never presented herself as the very loving and affectionate girl she is. But on Sunday, Milo the greyhound arrived with his humans. They were looking for a friend for Milo and Laura turned out to be the one. My little brindle beauty is booked to a home ❀




Yesterday we got a donation of €201 towards the van. Which means we have reached our goal of €2000 and can start looking for a van. We will add some money to what we have to give us a better chance to find what we need.

Many, many heartfelt thanks to everyone who has donated towards the van! ❀❀ Having one and being able to transport the hounds safely will make such a difference.

Big ask!

Our desktop computer have once again been rendered useless by Diana’s habit of chewing off the power cord. Would anyone have a laptop they are no longer using, that we could have? It doesn’t have to be fancy, mainly it would be used for documents, spreadsheets and mail. Anything above that can be done on phone or tablet.
The habitual destroyer of cords is in the middle of the photo, looking like butter wouldn’t melt. ❀❀❀