Some weeks ago Vesta went all the way to Co Meath to begin her journey to become a pet greyhound. It was a huge adjustment for a young and rather insecure girl, and she had a few wobbles. But the lovely family who adopted her preserved, and Vesta is now officially adopted. I’m so very happy for her and so grateful to the Carpenter family who are giving her the space, patience and time she needs to blossom.
Have the best life now, darling. ❤❤❤

World Kindness Day

Today is World Kindness Day. Why not show some love and kindness to your local rescue. Every rescue in Ireland are full to the hilt and run by volunteers who often are on their knees from emotional exhaustion from keeping the animals in their care fed, healthy and loved.
* Donate some dog food or treats.
* Offer to become a fosterhome.
* Adopt a dog.
* Share their posts.
* Set up a small monthly donation.

Happy Halloween everyone

We have been a bit bad at posting lately. Mainly because so much energy and time have gone on looking after all the sick and injured ones. This year has been a bit insane when it comes to injuries and illnesses, broken leg, broken toe, nasty pressure sores, auto-immune disease and a tumour. Unfortunately Libby is having problems with her plate and she is developing abcesses. She is booked in for x-rays and her surgeon will be consulted on the best way forward
We hope to be able to arrange our very belated auction, very soon. We have lovely items up for grabs.
Enjoy the weekend, and keep your pets safe from scary fireworks.

A special home wanted!

Diana have been with us for a long time. She was not even two years old when she arrived, very nervous and easily stressed. She have now come along to the point where she will approach visitors and allow herself to be petted. But she is still a highly strung dog, who easily becomes stressed when there is too much stimuli going on around her. When she is stressed she barks a lot, and she can also be quite destructive. She is also very loving, funny and affectionate. Diana is perfectly confident and happy being in the garden, but she finds the world outside of her safe environment very scary. She gets on well with other greyhounds, but might be a bit too much for smaller dogs.
We are looking for a very special home for Diana:
* A quiet home, preferable in a rural area
* No children
* A home where someone is at home most of the time
* A secure garden with space to run and play
* A calm and tolerant dog friend is a plus.
Diana is not a dog for everyone, but for someone who have the patience and time to get to know her and accept her fears and worries, she will make a beautiful, loyal and loving companion.