Happy anniversary Tikki

Four years ago a young black greyhound was surrendered. A bit of a nervous one, according to the owner. Which was a bit of an understatement. Tikki don’t do people, even the postman gives her anxiety. She is fiercely intelligent, very much an over thinker, deeply suspicious of almost everything, and intense in everything she does. We still love her and are proud to give her somewhere were she can just be.
Happy anniversary Tikki. ❤

Libby is back home

A few days ago little Libby broke her leg again. The fracture is so small and tricky that she had to be operated on by a specialist. We have had quite a day, but Libby is back home. A very massive thank you to each and everyone who donated towards her vet bill. You are all amazing! There some way until she is fully healed, but the surgery is over anyway