No plans for Easter yet?

Come spend some time with us and get yourself some tasty treats while you’re at it!
On Saturday, 30th of March, we will host our second Bake sale to raise funds for our Sanctuary. It will take place at the Quin Community Centre (Abbey Room).
All dogs welcome, especially sighthounds!
We can’t wait to see you there!

Wishful thinking

Sometimes we indulge in a bit of wishful thinking. Like, how great it would be for Tobias and Diana to be rehomed together. Diana does not make friends easily and she can become anxious and/or over stimulated if dogs are too “on”. But she is very happy and relaxed around Tobias. Tobias is very easy going and friendly and does not mind when Diana gets too hyper, he just moves out of her way. They are both mature dogs who enjoys playing outside, but while Tobias enjoys walks, Diana much prefer the safety of the garden. We know it is,a tall order to find a suitable home for a dog like Diana, who is frankly a bit of a project. And it would be an even taller order to find a home for both of them together. But we can always wish.

Little and Large

A big day today as my Little and Large, or Minerva and Romeo, started their journey to their new lives in Germany. They will be very missed, but we are so happy that they will become proper pets. Many thanks to Greyhound Forever e.V. for giving them this opportunity. Be happy now, darlings.

Do a Random Act of Kindness Day

Did you know it is “Do a Random Act of Kindness Day” today? As must rescues we can only do what we do thanks to the kindness of our supporters. Would you like to join them? Or perhaps just do an one off, like donating some dog food or buy some of our merchandise? We have added mugs and tote bags, and the hoodies are back in stock. Any act of kindness towards the hounds here is very appreciated. You can find all sorts of options on our website and Laoise and all the other hounds sends their heartfelt thank you! ❤️❤️❤️