Hello Brigid

Our waiting list is quite insane at the moment, but with Rafe safely in his new home we got an opening to take in this beauty. Say hello to Brigid. She is still a baby and will turn two in June. Everything is a bit new and confusing right now, but she is friendly and open. More info as we get to know her.

Best of luck, Rafe

Last year Anne and Missy lost their beloved Boo and life became very empty. Today they both came here to meet and hopefully pick out a new companion. After meeting some dogs it was decided that Rafe was the best candidate and he is now on his way to his new life. Best of luck Rafie. ❤️ I know you will have a great life and you finally have your own human. ❤️

Merry Christmas everyone!

It has been the strangest and hardest year, and there are so many I need to thank for making it possible to make it through it. The last quarter in particular brought one painful grief after another, Oonagh’s sudden and unexpected death, the loss of a dear friend and very good person, my mother’s passing and finally Libby. If this page has been unusually quiet lately, it is because so much energy had to go on just keeping everything functioning here.
I would like to thank all adopters, everyone who have donated, bought dog food and treats, sent kind messages, commented on posts, shared our posts and supported us. None of this would be possible without some very amazing people, Anne Houben, Annie Zette, David Betts, Eileen, Evelyn and Mikey, Julieanne and John, Jennifer Lotta, Petra E, Sabine and Victoria.
Special thanks goes to my fantastic vets at Ceithre Cos and to Mary and Alison at The Pet and Hardware Store.
Hopefully the darkness can now begin to lift and we can look forward to celebrating our 10 year anniversary in June 2023.
Wishing everyone a peaceful holiday season and lots of joy and love.
Thank you for everything. ❤️🌲🌟


Tonight I had to make one of the hardest decisions I ever had to make. I had to let Libby go. Her injury was far worse than what showed up on the x-ray. The whole ankle was shattered. Her bone quality was not good. Amputation was an option, but with her twice broken front leg and bad bone quality it would put too much stress on her body. So I agreed that the kindest thing was to let her go, because somewhere in my brain I knew that a young healthy dog should not have three serious fractures before her third birthday. I am beyond heart broken. Libby was the sweetest little girl. She got along with everyone, loved her life, but she also suffered a great deal of pain when her poor bones couldn’t withstand the normal playing and running of a young greyhound.
I know so many of you have donated generously to her surgery. If anyone want their donation back, please let me know, otherwise the donations will be used to bring Libby back home and to help another greyhound like her to find a future as a pet.
Run free Rockforest Libby 10/12/2019 – 08/12/2022.

Zachary is officially adopted!

Happy news this weekend. Zachary is officially adopted! Both Frederick and Poppy approves of their new brother, and Zachary is delighted with himself. His hooman even carries up and down the stairs every night and morning as Zachary finds the house stairs a bit scary. A dog really can’t ask for more. 🥰 We miss your hugs, Zachary, but we are so very happy for you ❤️