A van for the greyhounds!

Our current dogmobile is 16 years old and not really suitable for transporting dogs. What we really need is a van where the dogs, and driver, can travel safely. We are looking to buy a second hand van, like a Berlingo, a Partner or a Caddy, and we should be able to get one for around €2000. Since all our funds are earmarked to keep us running, we have set up a Go Fund Me page. Donations can also be made to the PayPal account, marked van. Any help is greatly appreciated ❤

Or: www.claregreyhoundsanctuary.com/product/donate-towards-a-new-greyhound-van

Almost a year ago…

Almost a year ago, Marcus left us to spread his wings and hopefully find a home in Scotland. A large, loving and rambunctious black male, he was constantly overlooked while here. Well guess what? Marcus has found a home, and a sofa to relax on.
We are forever grateful to Michelle Hawkes and the Scottish Greyhound Sanctuary for giving this opportunity to Marcus ❤

Three very large packages arrived

Three very large packages arrived from Holland and inside them were amazing gifts for the hounds. Four dog beds, lots of comfy blankets and bedding, dog treats, dog food, muzzles, grooming equipment, bowls, toys and towels.❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤
Many, many thanks to everyone who donated,
Marjan Driessen, Sylvia Brouwers, Arla Weijgerse, Deke Bellinga, Laura van Dam, Ilona, Gerdien Nikkels, Math and Mieke Houben, and as always to the amazing Anne Houben.
There were also my favourite Dutch salty liquorice for me.