If you are interested in adopting a dog from Clare Greyhound Sanctuary, please contact us and tell us about your living situation, your experience with dogs, other pets in the house, children, what the dogs daily life should be like etc. The more information we get, the easier it is for us to match you to the right hound. Click here for more info on the adoption process.

My little Eila. ♥️ Only three years old now in August, but a really tough one to figure out. She was very scared when she arrived and from day one she was shut down, avoiding contact and keeping her distance. With Eila it was one tiny step at the time and small breakthroughs. The first time she went inside the kennels while I was standing at the door, being able to approach her for a cuddle, realising she loved being groomed, her running to me instead of running away. These days she loves her cuddles and today came another breakthrough. For the first time Eila gave the Paw of More, and having discovered how to do it, she isn’t stopping. A small thing for most dogs, but a huge thing for a girl who wouldn’t even look at me 18 months ago. ❤️

Sean is two and a half years old and have given up on racing. He is a super friendly, lively, cheeky boy who is discovering his inner puppy. This means he is dragging the laundry around or carrying out the dogs beds, when he is not racing around the garden. He has a lovely temperament, very easy going and kind. Sean would need a home with some space to run around as he is still young with plenty of energy.

Meet Winnie. She is only little and will turn two now in July. Winnie never took to racing and decided on a sofa career instead. She is friendly, funny and can be quite boisterous and jumpy. She loves her cuddles, playing with toys and running around in the garden. She has very little experience of life outside of a rural environment and would need to learn about such things like traffic and people walking around.

Meet Alvin, our snowflake rascal with an unstoppable joy for life. Alvin is a happy, friendly boy who is full speed ahead when he is outside and very relaxed when inside. He loves cuddles and human attention, but is a bit too exuberant and prone to full on body tackling to be a good fit with smaller children. He also getsvery excited at the sight of smaller dogs and cats, but he is very good around dogs his own size. Alvin is currently living with four other greyhounds, both males and females and gets on well with them. We know being excitable around smaller dogs usually means a dog gets to spend a long time here, but we really hope someone will see Alvin’s good sides and be willing to work with him.

Please welcome Zachary! Zachary is five years old. A large, gentle boy who can be a bit shy in new situations, but quickly relaxes. He loves his cuddles and would happily sit on your lap or spend the day having his ears rubbed. He gets on well with the dogs he lives with, but is more of a people dog. We think Zachary would enjoy a quiet home, with not too much going on. He does enjoy stretching out in a run now and then, so an enclosed garden would be appreciated.

It is time to properly introduce Nancy. She has been here for a while, but she needed to find her feet and downgrade from tornado to occasional storm before she could be released on the world. Don’t get us wrong, Nancy is loving, sweet, friendly, funny and pretty as they come. There is not a bad bone in her, but she is a very intense young girl. Nancy is not a greyhound who spends her days lying upside down on a sofa. If you don’t find something amusing for her to do, she will find her own amusement. She loves toys, but in her eyes, anything can be a toy and she will not discriminate between actual toys and dog beds, table cloths cushions etc. She is whip smart and her brain is always busy, busy, busy. Because of this she also goes up in stress very easily and she can become overwhelmed. Our Nancy is not the easiest greyhound, but there is a very loveable girl underneath all the energy. We are looking for a special home for her. A home with experience and patience, with one or two grown up humans who are willing to work with and engage with our little rouge, and who have time to be with her most of the time. If you want to find out more, please get in touch.

Pretty, tiny Libby arrived here today, from Burren Animal Rescue. Libby broke her wrist very badly in March, and was brought to the vet to be put down. Luckily the vet knew of a rescue..After several surgeries and rehab from Sheena, Libby has now come here to continue her journey towards a pet life. Born in December 2019, Libby is still only a baby. She will probably have a limp all her life, but she is walking up and down stairs, running in the garden and she is happy, sweet girl. She eats well, loves toys and the other dogs and even if she is a little worried she is friendly and wants to make contact.

Robbie has no luck in finding his people, and it breaks my heart since he is so full of love and affection. Robbie is six years old, house trained, travels well in the car and fond of human company. He is quite a sensitive boy, who can become a little giddy when he is stressed. He gets very excited when he sees small dogs, so an area without too many dogs walking would suit him best. He is very clean, relaxes inside and loves to run and play outside. For two years he has seen his kennel mates come and go, and for two years he has been bursting with happiness when visitors arrive. Robbie will make a wonderful loving and loyal companion. Robbie has so much affection to give and we would love to see him back in a home again.

Please welcome Sonia. Sonia will turn three years old in August and she is another of our special cases. Because Sonia is struggling with a lot of emotions, the main one is anxiety and that sometimes translates into lashing out and quite fierce resource guarding. Her main resources as she sees it, is her human, then food and treats. She is currently living with several other dogs, but the optimal home for Sonia is a quiet home with one or two adults and no other dogs. There is no aggression in Sonia, but she can lash out and snap if she feels pressured. She has a particular fear of having her collar touched, especially when she is on a sofa or in a dog bed and making her move involves a lot of cajoling and reassuring. She walks well on lead but is unsure of strange people coming up to her and touching her. What Sonia loves most of all is being close to her human. She have grown a lot since she first arrived here and is now happy with showing affection to visitors. We are so hoping there is a home out there who can give this beautiful girl what she so deserves, her own human, a safe and patient environment, lots of love and attention. Any future home for Sonia will have to meet these requirement: Adult only home. No visiting children. A quiet home. Some experience with anxious dogs.

This very pretty two year old female is Diana. She arrived here very skittish and nervous, and while she is still quite shy around people she doesn’t know, she has improved a lot. Diana has had a very limited experience of life and she will need some guidance to feel secure in new situations. She is not suitable for life as a single dog. Diana is a lovely girl with lots of love to give to an owner who understands that she is a work in progress. She gets on very well with her roomies, she is good with small dogs while on lead, but she is a young, giddy thing who plays in a typical greyhound fashion, so is best suited to live with larger dogs.

Troy is another dog who has been here a while. He became very stressed out when he first arrived and it took some time for him to settle. He is doing very well now, but Troy is a dog who reacts to things. Like people, cars and bicycles going past on the road outside. They might be dangerous and must be warned off by a lot of barking. He is very insecure around other males and does best around females. But in spite of all his bark, Troy is a big softie who wants to do right and to please. We know that being large, black and reactive is making it difficult to find the right home for Troy. But we also know that he is a lovely dog with plenty of love and affection to give, and we are not giving up on him.

Special Hounds

We have 3 special hounds that are long-term residents at the sanctuary. They are only available for adoption in Ireland: Leo, Tikki and Oonagh. These hounds are spooks. Spooks are also known as shy or nervous. They are sometimes thought to have been abused, but in fact they are born, not made. I think of spookiness as a form of autism. Their brains are wired differently and they process stimuli in a different way. You can’t love a spook “better”, but you can provide an environment in which they feel secure and they can blossom. In their daily lives they are very much like any other greyhound here. They love to play in the field, they are cheeky and affectionate, they are comfortable around other dogs. But they don’t to well with strange people, new situations or too many changes. Since this is a sanctuary, they are safe here, but needless to say these four are long term residents.

leo leo
Say hello to the stunning Leo. He will be three years old in October 2018 so he is still just a baby. Leo wasn’t interested in racing. Leo is another shy one. But Leo has made great progress since he arrived. In the beginning he hardly dared to leave his bed, now he races around with the others, asks for cuddles and in general behaves like any other playful, three year old. New people, and new situations still make him very insecure though. He find most things really scary. New people, new places, noises, going in the car… Leo has been at the sanctuary for a while now, and will probably stay on a bit. Maybe one day he will be brave enough to be adopted.

tikki tikki tikki tikki
Tikki arrived June 2017. She is three years old now, a pretty girl with four white paws and long legs. Tikki is the worst case spook. She will react emotionally violently to strangers. She will either run and hide in her kennel, and try to make herself invisible, or she will develop a sort of obsessive compulsive behaviour where she paces back and forth and shouts at the scary intruder. In her daily live she is very much like any other greyhound here but she doesn’t do well with strange people, new situations or too many changes.

Oonagh is about 4 years old. She came to the sanctuary in 2016 and her owner told me that she was quite nervous and ill at ease around people, so I wasn’t surprised when I first met this stunning, big, dark brindle girl and she was doing everything to avoid me. But we got on. Actually, she very quickly relaxed and turned out to be funny, cuddly, affectionate and happy. She loves racing around the garden, she gets on great with all the other dogs, even if she will complain every time a new roomie is introduced, and in spite of her size she is convinced she is a lap dog. But she is steadfastly refusing to interact with anyone but me. Some visitors might get a quick sniff, others are given the cold shoulder. It is not so much fear, I have figured out, as the fact that she is highly selective. She adored her owner, she adores me, others are totally superfluous to her. So after almost 3 years she is still here, enjoying her life to the full. And I still live in hope that Her Highness will one day meet someone who she will deign worthy of her attention. Because she is a lovely dog who deserves a home of her own.