If you are interested in adopting a dog from Clare Greyhound Sanctuary, please contact us and tell us about your living situation, your experience with dogs, other pets in the house, children, what the dogs daily life should be like etc. The more information we get, the easier it is for us to match you to the right hound. Click here for more info on the adoption process.

Please welcome Sonia. She is very lucky girl. Sonia wasn’t fast enough and was brought to the vet to be put down. Luckily, the vet thought she deserved better, and now Sonia is here. She is only two years old, still a bit shy and uncertain around strangers, but she will be given the time and space she needs to develop and grow her confidence.
Many thanks to Treaty Veterinary Clinic for stepping up for Sonia, and for spaying her, vaccinating her and giving a donation of dog food.

Two new beauties arrived. Cessy is a pretty brindle girl, with white paws and Torquil is large, gentle black boy. Both are three years old.
Torquil had a bad case of acidosis before he arrived here, so we will work hard at trying to get him back into shape. Better photos and more information will come soon.

This pretty lady is Lynn. She just arrived and is busy settling in. She is four years old and very sweet. More information when we have got to know her a little better.

This is three year old Buster. Buster is a lucky boy, when he injured his hock, his owner refused to listen to the people who advised him to put Buster down. Instead he treated the hock until it had healed, and now Buster is looking for his forever sofa. He is a friendly, sociable boy with an open personality. More information to follow when Buster has settled in.

Welcome, Mr X (I haven’t come up with a name for him yet). A coursing boy who has put his boots up and is looking forward to a life as a pet. He is the son of Mansa, and the half brother to Eoin, Sam and Eihmin, and like all of them, he has a lovely temperament and good looks. More information as he settles in, and gets a name.

Everyone, welcome Mikey to the Sanctuary. He is a six year old ex-racer who was living as a pet. Very sadly his owner died suddenly, and Mikey is now looking for a new home. As you can see, he is a very handsome, blue boy, quiet and gentle. Mikey is kind and friendly, and very easy going. He loves human company and relaxing on a comfortable sofa. He walks well on lead and gets on with other dogs. Mikey is looking for a home in Ireland. He is neutered, vaccinated and chipped.

This is Jack. He is four years old and have been retired from coursing for a couple of years. He handsome and friendly, and more information on him when he has settled in properly.

Introducing Violet. Violet is three years old and a former coursing dog. It is early days yet, but she is friendly, sociable and good with other greyhounds. Violet will be available for rehoming once she has settled in properly and been fully assessed.

Phoebe arrived here very pretty and very nervous. She has calmed down a bit, but she is still wary and wants to hide when she feels overwhelmed. We are taking things slowly so she can mull over things at her own pace. Phoebe is not yet two years old.

This very pretty two year old female is Diana. She arrived here very skittish and nervous, and while she is still quite shy around people she doesn’t know, she has improved a lot. Diana has had a very limited experience of life and she will need some guidance to feel secure in new situations. She is not suitable for life as a single dog. Diana is a lovely girl with lots of love to give to an owner who understands that she is a work in progress. She gets on very well with her roomies, she is good with small dogs while on lead, but she is a young, giddy thing who plays in a typical greyhound fashion, so is best suited to live with larger dogs.

Special Hounds

We have 3 special hounds that are long-term residents at the sanctuary. They are only available for adoption in Ireland: Leo, Tikki and Oonagh. These hounds are spooks. Spooks are also known as shy or nervous. They are sometimes thought to have been abused, but in fact they are born, not made. I think of spookiness as a form of autism. Their brains are wired differently and they process stimuli in a different way. You can’t love a spook “better”, but you can provide an environment in which they feel secure and they can blossom. In their daily lives they are very much like any other greyhound here. They love to play in the field, they are cheeky and affectionate, they are comfortable around other dogs. But they don’t to well with strange people, new situations or too many changes. Since this is a sanctuary, they are safe here, but needless to say these four are long term residents.

leo leo
Say hello to the stunning Leo. He will be three years old in October 2018 so he is still just a baby. Leo wasn’t interested in racing. Leo is another shy one. But Leo has made great progress since he arrived. In the beginning he hardly dared to leave his bed, now he races around with the others, asks for cuddles and in general behaves like any other playful, three year old. New people, and new situations still make him very insecure though. He find most things really scary. New people, new places, noises, going in the car… Leo has been at the sanctuary for a while now, and will probably stay on a bit. Maybe one day he will be brave enough to be adopted.

tikki tikki tikki tikki
Tikki arrived June 2017. She is three years old now, a pretty girl with four white paws and long legs. Tikki is the worst case spook. She will react emotionally violently to strangers. She will either run and hide in her kennel, and try to make herself invisible, or she will develop a sort of obsessive compulsive behaviour where she paces back and forth and shouts at the scary intruder. In her daily live she is very much like any other greyhound here but she doesn’t do well with strange people, new situations or too many changes.

Oonagh is about 4 years old. She came to the sanctuary in 2016 and her owner told me that she was quite nervous and ill at ease around people, so I wasn’t surprised when I first met this stunning, big, dark brindle girl and she was doing everything to avoid me. But we got on. Actually, she very quickly relaxed and turned out to be funny, cuddly, affectionate and happy. She loves racing around the garden, she gets on great with all the other dogs, even if she will complain every time a new roomie is introduced, and in spite of her size she is convinced she is a lap dog. But she is steadfastly refusing to interact with anyone but me. Some visitors might get a quick sniff, others are given the cold shoulder. It is not so much fear, I have figured out, as the fact that she is highly selective. She adored her owner, she adores me, others are totally superfluous to her. So after almost 3 years she is still here, enjoying her life to the full. And I still live in hope that Her Highness will one day meet someone who she will deign worthy of her attention. Because she is a lovely dog who deserves a home of her own.