I have been going through our finances, such as they are 😉 While there is high hope that the upcoming auction will bring in some much needed funds, it won’t be until around mid October, or so before they will be available. Which means we must raise funds to keep us going until then, and to cover the cost of our move into new premises. Even if it will mainly be DIY, it won’t be without cost.
So please, anything will help!
Our PayPal is greyhoundsanctuary.petra@gmail.com
If you want to donate a bag or two of dog food, Feedwell Maintenance can be bought at The Pet and Hardware Store, Ennis.
Other items that are very appreciated are:
* Sardines in oil or tomato sauce
* Citrus bleach
* Decent quality tinned dog food. Butchers tripe mix is very popular.
* Treats for the orphans.
Our Teaming site gives you the opportunity to donate 1 euro a month without any hassle. It is safe and easy.
Teaming.net/Clare Greyhound Sanctuary
Many, many thanks ❤


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