An overview of some of the Greyhounds and Lurchers adopted through Clare Greyhound Sanctuary.

Eoin‘s family sent me this picture, telling me how much they love this gentle, funny boy. So very happy for you Eoin!
Sprite has had no problem settling in, in her new home in Sweden.
Bibi Eight has taken to his new life as a pet greyhound with panache. All furniture that can be used for lounging have been appropriated.

Lily Moses Naomi
Lily now lives in Belgium, where she is being spoilt as a pet and has made friends with the grandchildren
Today Moses is called Kain and lives in the Tuscan countryside. He is much loved, and the same rascal he always were ❤
Around Easter 2018, Naomi went off to her forever home in Ireland, with Christina and Marcos

Annis Jake and Ester Ruth
Annis is a former broodie that came here together with her son, Bertie. She leaves a big space, but we are overjoyed that she has found a forever sofa.
Jake and Ester are enjoying the Swedish summer. They are best buddies and hang out together a lot.
The lovely Ruth has really taken to family life and enjoys listening to her little sister asking her lots of questions, going jogging with her brother and chilling in the garden.

Ezra Frances and Nora George

This is the lovely Ezra, wearing Easter bunny ears, who got adopted to a fab home in Northern Ireland.
Frances and Nora were adopted together. They are getting used to life in Dublin and being pet dogs.
George spent most of his life as a racer, and then came here for a few months. Gorgeous George went off to his forever home with Aoife and Rowan.

Greyhound ella Greyhound Rowan Greyhound Con
Fitting in very well, Ella has picked her favourite spot and is enjoying plenty of walks
The lovely Rowan, patron greyhound of the Tea Rooms in Quinn, is trying out to become a Therapy Dog.
Con (now Spike) was welcomed with open arms by his Italian family. Here is Con with his new sister, and chilling.

Greyhound Chief Greyhound June Greyhound Bo
Chief is enjoying his new life on the other side of the Atlantic.
March 2017 little Junebug went off with Anne to join Bo and Belle.
Bo was adopted by Anne a few months earlier. Here he is relaxing with the house chicken.

Greyhound Martha Greyhound Oisin Greyhound Malla
Martha was constantly overlooked in spite of being a great little greyhound. When she went to her new home she jumped into the car with hardly a backward glance.
Miracle dog Oisin is a young healthy, ex-coursing greyhound without a tongue. He has taught himself how to eat and drink, how to clean his muzzle and how to cope without being able to pant.
Malla, now called Amala, looks very settled and happy about her new life in Italy.

May Debbi

Hugo ‘the huge’ is settling in nicely! He’s getting used to home life, loves walks with his greyhound sister Ella and is a pure pet!
May, now reunited with her brother Emlyn. They are long way from the pound they arrived here from.
And Debbi sharing the sofa with her new best friend.

Ava will now be spoilt and loved by Janis and Gary, and there will be donkeys and goats to get to know.
Anna and Lucy found a new home together in Germany. They settled in well, explored the garden, have been for a little walk, and relax a lot.

Tatum is now living with her family in her new home in Italy.