Clare Greyhound Sanctuary
Clare Greyhound Sanctuary is a small, privately run rescue in the west of Ireland.
We mainly help greyhounds finding pet homes when they have finished their careers for one reason or another, but the odd lurcher have found sanctuary here as well.
The dogs here live in groups rather than kennels in order to prepare them for pet life. They learn their names, basic commands, how to behave around other hounds and are properly assessed before they are adopted out. Much effort is put into matching the right hound to the right home.
Dogs are also cat tested should the need arise.
At the most we can have around 16 dogs here, and our dogs are available for adoption in Ireland and Europe.

For further information please contact us:

Economical statement
Up to very recently Clare Greyhound Sanctuary received funds from IRGT to support the dogs in our care. This funding has now stopped due to a change in policy, but we are lucky enough to still have neutering and vaccination costs covered. However, the withdrawal of the funds have left us in a situation where we have to raise the funds to keep us going on our own. We used to get between 1200-1500 euros a month. Our fixed monthly costs for rent, phone, electricity, broadband, waste removal and car insurance are around 700 euros a month. The rest goes on dog food (between 80-100 euros a week), vet bills, petrol, cleaning supplies, motor tax and any other costs that might occur (broken down car, washing machine, repairing fences etc). We can keep our costs fairly low as we don’t have any kennel costs, nor am I paid a salary. But I do have food and board, in exchange for being on duty 24/7, 365 days a year. At any given moment there are between 16-20 dogs here, including two lurchers and three older dogs taken in from an elderly owner who took ill. These five dogs are all available for adoption, but so far they have not moved.