This is Taggie, my fiercely loyal and hunting mad lurcher who joined Beauty and I in 2008. Today it is ten years since I had to let her go. Horrible osteosarcoma took her. Taggie was a former working dog with a deep seated hatred of cats. If she had had her way, every cat on earth would be eradicated. Preferable by her. She was not allowed to do that and I don’t think she ever forgave me for stopping her. Living with a highly intelligent lurcher, with a huge prey drive in an area full of urbanised wildlife, was a steep learning curve. But that was my Taggie and I still miss her deeply. She was loving, friendly outgoing, but terrified of young boys, especially if they were carrying something in their hands and raised their voices. She was also an excellent guard dog and would have given her life to protect her family.
Miss you lots, darling. ❤️💔

10 years CGS: Taggie

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