Some dogs comes with special challenges. I want to introduce you to three very special dogs, who all three showed me just how resilient, adaptable and amazing dogs can be. Oisin, Niall and Kain (Moses when he was here). All three were young when they arrived to CGS, not even two years old. Niall was racing bred, Oisin and Kain two large coursing dogs. Happy, friendly dogs all three, but Oisin had at some point bitten off his tongue, Niall was almost blind and Kain was deaf from birth. None of them let their handicaps stop them. Oisin had taught himself to use his jaw as a scoop to drink water and as long as his food was served in a deep enough bowl, put on a level with his chest, he had no issues eating. Kain very quickly picked up handsignals and was very attentive. Niall used what little sight he had to navigate and as his sight deteriorated he still felt perfectly confident in his environment and around other dogs. Both Oisin and Kain found fantastic homes in Italy. Niall stayed with me until he sadly developed lymphoma and passed away. I know many people would baulk at taking on a dog with a handicap, but these three taught me that it took very small adjustments for them to live good, happy, active lives.

10 years CGS: special challenges

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