Back in 2014 the local county pound still took in Greyhounds. Most of them were put to sleep, but thanks to the work done by Deirdre Ryan/Clare Greyhound Project the pound began to release some greyhounds to rescues. Nell was one if the first ones to come out of the pound and I got a call from Eileen at Clare Greyhound Project asking if I had space for an older girl. Nell was 11 years old, a bit doddery on her legs from a bad back. Further inquiries revealed that she had been bred once, at nine years old and according to my vet she had gone through a very messy C section. It is always distressing to see any dog in a pound. Seeing an older dog, just thrown away to be disposed of is doubly distressing. Nell was a beautiful silver brindle with a toothy grin. She loved pottering about in the garden and dozing in the sun. When she was happy she would do a stiff legged dance. Her arthritis was bad, but she was given a new lease of life by an injection and she came with me to a greyhound gathering, where she had a great time exploring another big garden and greeting many other greyhounds. I did not get to love her long enough. Age, years of neglect and slipped discs took out their right and I had to let her go four months after her arrival. But she packed in a lot of love and comfort in those four months and I think.of her often.
This is one of 10th Anniversary posts, celebrating 10 years of Clare Greyhound Sanctuary. If you want to, we would be very happy if you could support our Anniversary fundraiser on GoFundMe.

10 years CGS: Nell

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