I moved to Ireland in 2013. By then I had not only Beauty, but also two lurchers Taggie and Flash (Alien), and a second greyhound, Bram. They all came with me. Between 2010 – 2013 I had returned to Ireland several times to help at Orchard Greyhound Sanctuary, and somewhere there the transition from perfectly normal civil servant wth maybe a few too many dogs to possibly a bit deranged throw all caution to the wind and move abroad to run a greyhound rescue crazy dog lady, started. It wasn’t an easy first year. I was counties away from anyone I knew and I lost Taggie, my fiercely loyal and loving girl to osteosarcoma. Luckily I had lovely neighbours and I managed to settle in. Also, I was asked to take in two greyhounds who had been put in the pound. They were litter brothers, very stressed and broken. The photo of one of them staring fixedly at the wall in his pound kennel flew around social media. I named them Darcy and Bingley and minding them, helping them to live and let go of their fears, helped me get through the grief and shock of losing Taggie. Darcy was quickly adopted and went to a wonderful home in Northern Ireland. Bingley, in spite of being stunning, stayed with me longer, but eventually he found a fantastic home in Italy (thank you GACI) and lived a long happy life.
The photo shows Bingley and Darcy during their first weeks with me. The dog pen was their space to relax and decompress outside. They were still too spooky to be off lead in the garden.
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10 years CGS: move to Ireland

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