We got this lovely story from Frederic and Zachary’s Dad, and we hope you will enjoy reading it as much as we did. ❤️
ASo, Frederic adopted me in April/May of 2021. If I recall correctly, I didn’t ask you for a particular dog, I left it to you to pick one of your rescues for me instead. You told me that one of your dogs, “Frederick”, might be a good fit. My older lurcher girl Penny and I went to the sanctuary to meet Frederick and I was bowled over by how immense he was (still is!). I was used to thinking of Penny as a large dog, but Frederick dwarfed her. They got on well in the meet, had a sniff and then didn’t take much concern with each other after that. He was so gentle and calm, and seemed like he had a really sweet side.
Frederick came to stay for a trial period, and I have to admit, I wasn’t sure at first. In this new environment he didn’t like Penny being too close and he hated meeting dogs outside. I was a bit worried that this giant dog might hurt Penny in my absence.
One evening towards the end of the uncertain two-week trial period, after the day’s walks, sniffs and food, Frederick got up out of his bed and came over to where I was sitting on the couch. He gently put his head on my lap and, with his deep hazel eyes, gave me a massive puppy dog stare. I stroked the top of his head while quietly talking to him, and I knew that he was asking me for patience while he decompressed, so that he could show me his true personality.
I’m so glad that I did; he is just wonderous. After that particular day, his mood seemed to improve bit by bit, day by day. He started to get along well with Penny, to the point that they now cuddle each other and Penny makes sure he doesn’t fall behind on walks. They are like dogs that were raised together, true sister and brother. Outside, he started to show no aggression to any dogs, big or small, to the point where he was completely placid (even if some outside dogs are acting badly). He loves his food (no surprise) but he has become very patient with me while I ready their meals. Frederick will make sure Penny’s bowl is completely empty after she is done, to save me on the clean-up. He doesn’t give cuddles often, but when he does, you DEFINITELY KNOW it’s happening. He sleeps beside my bed during the night and when I wake up, he is lying there, watching me while quietly waiting for me to wake up. While going about chores, the other two have figured they don’t need to follow me around the house most of the time, but Frederick will. He likes to be near me whatever I’m doing.
He is so sweet and gentle. It used to be that when walking outside, people would cross the road or step well aside to keep their distance from this 45kg horse of a dog. But now he seems to be a well know face in the area, as many people have big smiles for him as he goes by. Children will ask to pet him, and there’s even an elderly lady who (by her own admission) is afraid of dogs yet loves to greet Frederick because of his gentleness. We get lots of questions about him and his past, and Frederick will enjoy being petted by them while I answer their questions.
And then there was Zachary!
Penny, Frederick and I met Zachary at the Great Global Greyhound Walk in Galway in 2022. He was such a little sweetie, soft as velvet and he got on great with Penny and Frederick. I took some time to make sure that I wasn’t just rushing into another adoption. We weren’t planning to add another brother to the mix, but I couldn’t get Zach out of my mind. I looked back at old Sanctuary posts that featured him and tried to spot him in your photographs. About two weeks later we were sure and sent you a message.
He came on a trial stay in October of 2022. There was hardly any need for it to be a trial, he fitted in so easily it was like he was the missing piece of a jigsaw puzzle. There was no friction or drama of any kind. An onlooker might have assumed he had always been with us.
He is just the biggest dote I have ever met. Penny likes her cuddles, but Zachary takes it to a pro-champ professional level. He will throw himself upon me for cuddles. During the morning, while I rouse from sleep with Frederick quietly watching, Zachary will climb up and toss himself upon me like a ragdoll. There are times when he is lying beside me on the couch only for him to then whine at me for not cuddling him enough to his satisfaction and he then (surprise surprise) throws himself upon me like a wrestler. Basically, he throws himself on me a LOT. As I write this, he’s pushing his butt into me to be closer. But let’s be honest, I love petting him and giving him rubs because he’s as soft as a baby’s teddy.
There are only two things that Zachary loves nearly as much as cuddles: food and toys. He has a massive collection of toys and the more they squeak, the more he loves them. As for food, he’ll give out to me, rather vocally, if I don’t prepare meals fast enough.
He is so gentle and calm. Like Frederick, people love saying hello to him outside. I love him to bits and he makes my world a brighter place

10 years CGS: Frederic and Zachary

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