Dora ❤
Some days it breaks my heart that this funny, loving, lively and precious girl is living on borrowed time. But most of the time it is a privilege to see her live every day to the full and enjoy every minute of her life.


Sometimes very good things happen to lovely dogs 💕 My little Tassie, the sweetest little greyhound anyone could have, went to her new life with big sister Jazz, and Helen and Dermot. Tassie have gone through several owners, and raced both here and in the UK, before she finally came back for breeding. If anyone ever deserves a home of her own, it’s her. Be happy now sweetie, and be the bestest girl, as I know you are ❤❤❤


Meet girlie number three, Phoebe. Phoebe arrived here on Wednesday afternoon. Very pretty and very nervous. She has calmed down a bit, but she is still wary and wants to hide when she feels overwhelmed. We are taking things slowly so she can mull over things at her own pace. Phoebe is not yet two years old.