Special dog number 3: Tikki

Special dog no 3, Tikki. Tikki also arrived in 2017. She was too nervous for racing. Funnily enough, Tikki was by far the easiest one of the three spooks to get along with. It wasn’t until I had a couple of house guests staying with me that the extent of Tikki’s fear driven behaviour became known. At the sight of my guests Tikki went into full blown OCD behaviour. She paced back and forth and shouted endlessly. It got so bad that the guests had to stay in the house just so Tikki could be outside. Merely knowing that strangers were on her property made her anxious and she would suspiciously scan the yard before going outside. These days if there are visitors, she will either hide in the kennels or do her OCD pacing.
Tikki is intense, extremely intelligent and there is something explosive about everything she does. As long as her environment remains stable and predictable she is able to live as normal a life that she is capable of, and she is affectionate and funny. But even hours after visitors have left she will remain anxious and on high alert, and she will be extra clingy and intense.

Special dog number 2: Leo

Special dog no 2, Leo.
Leo arrived in spring 2017, and according to his trainer he could run, but wouldn’t run. Hardly surprising as Leo was terrified of his own shadow. When his trainer opened the van, Leo started shaking like a leaf and peed himself at the mere sight of me. This terrified boy refused to leave his bed for a week, and after that he only took a few tentative steps outside of the kennels, always wary of any movement and ready to dash back inside. For the first year his food bowl had to be placed in his bed, which remained his safe space. It took almost as long for the real Leo to emerge. The real Leo is a vocal goof with a hatred of coats, he has destroyed seven of them, who loves to race around and play. But only when no strangers are watching. In the presence of strangers Leo reverts to a poor waif. He hides behind my legs and stares with pitiful eyes at whoever is visiting. But at least these days he is confident enough to be outside when visitors are around. Leo still finds the world outside of the property scary, and when he gets scared he bucks and fights like wild pony to get away. But as long as he is happy in his day to day life, I’m happy for him. He has come a long way.

Special dog number 1: Oonagh

Meet special dog number 1, Oonagh.
Oonagh arrived to me just before her second birthday in 2016. A large, stunning coursing dog, she was too nervous for competition, and she was also described as stand offish. Oonagh doesn’t really do people. She loved her owner, and luckily she took to me, but as far as she is concerned that is more than enough human interaction, though she will occasionally deign to sniff at the odd visitor. She is a happy, funny, very intelligent and extremely affectionate dog as long as her life is kept simple and predictable. She is great with other greyhounds. But things like going in the car, visitors, meeting people on walks, going into the house, visiting the vet etc will cause her distress and make her go into either panic or zombie dog mode. So Oonagh is allowed to live the life that suits her best. She gets to stay here, be the queen of her kennel group, playing with her best friend Leo and get lots of cuddles and love.



We have some crazy vet bills at the moment and need to raise some funds. All funds raised will go towards keeping the Sanctuary running.

Each raffle ticket number is 5 euros. You can purchase your tickets here: www.claregreyhoundsanctuary.com/product/raffle-tickets

We have the following prizes:

1. Pewter key ring (total length: 9cm)
2. Silver plated necklace (43cm) with silver plated charm (2x2cm)
3. Silver plated necklace (43cm) with pewter pendant (6x3cm)
4. Leather pink keychain
5. Leather red keychain
6. Leather bracelet with silver plated charm (adjustable 16-30cm)
7, 8, 9, 10 and 11 are martingale collars. Each collar is available in two sizes: 34-48cm and 42-58cm. The winner get to choose the size.
12. Leather collar with engraved silhouette. Measured from buckle to first and last hole: 34-43cm.

Winners will be picked one June 28th.
The first winner gets to choose their prize first, then the second winner etc. until all prizes are gone.