Raffle results

We randomly picked the winners for this raffle. The winners are:

1st prize: number 121 – Carmel Nic Airt
2nd prize: number 213 – Michelle Coe
3rd prize: number 162 – Ingegerd Tuvall
4th prize: number 164 – Ingegerd Tuvall
5th prize: number 118 – Karen Playford
6th prize: number 108 – Annie Rinckenbach
7th prize: number 168 – Judy Bingham
8th prize: number 193 – Susanne Lindelöf
9th prize: number 193 – Susanne Lindelöf
10th prize: number 149 – Elisabetta Cremonesi
11th prize: number 129 – Lorraine fortune/ wexford
12th prize: number 107 – Noirín Taylor

The first winner gets to choose their prize first, then the second winner etc. until all prizes are gone. Anne Houben will contact the winners to handle this. Please be patient, as we need to confirm the prize of the 1st winner before we can go on to the 2nd etc.

Congratulations to all the winners, and many thanks to everyone who bought a ticket to help the Greyhounds.

Greyhound documentary on Irish television

It has been quite an intense day processing the documentary “Greyhounds – running for their lives.” Which was shown on Irish television last night. It didn’t really show anything that everyone in rescue have not known for a long time, but it was still harrowing viewing. And it really brought home that doing this, running this sanctuary and finding homes for greyhounds, is the right thing to do. Most of the greyhounds here come from owners who do care enough to make sure that their dogs get to live out their natural lives. So very many greyhounds never get that chance. They don’t get the chance because there are too many of them, because they are disposable, because there isn’t enough resources to protect them and because welfare issues is an afterthought. In 2019 that attitude simply cannot be justified.


Two new boys

We have two new boys. The handsome litter brothers, Raymond and Richard. Only two years old. They are busy settling in at the moment, and better photos will come when they are more prone to stand still 😊 Both are nice friendly boys.