Laura is five years old. A very pretty and quite small greyhound. Laura has been with me for two years since she is quite skittish around strangers, but once you get to know her she is cuddly, friendly and just like any other loving greyhound. Laura is looking for a quiet home, preferable in a rural location as she gets very stressed in public places when people comes towards her. In spite of her skittishness around strangers, Laura is quite confident around other dogs, but she doesn’t care much for very boisterous dogs.

Happy International Dog Day

It’s the dogs day here every day, but we’ll celebrate a little bit extra today.
Do spare a thought for all the dogs waiting for their forever homes in rescues up and down the country. Offer to volunteer at your local rescue, bring some treats for the dogs, spend some time with the sad and scared ones. Not everyone can adopt, but everyone can do something, no matter how small.

The lovely Niall

The lovely Niall. You can see for yourself that he is extremely handsome and stunning. He is also kind, affectionate, easy going and an all round good guy. Niall gets along with everyone, he travels well and loves to meet new people.
But, there is always a but 🙁 Niall has a chronic condition, Diabetes Insipidous, which requires twice daily medication, and blood tests every nine months to make sure that his values are as they should. He is also almost blind. In spite of these disadvantages Niall enjoys his life to the full. He loves to run and play, to go for walks and to have cuddles. We hope that somewhere there is a home that is just right for Niall. A home that understands that caring for a special needs dog can be very satisfying. Let’s find Niall that home.