Make a world of difference for €1 a month

This will be the last fundraising appeal before the holidays. I won’t blame anyone for being sick to death of all the appeals, but I thought I would explain why it is so important to us to raise steady funds every month.
We are only a small rescue, run by a single human slave who works 12 hrs a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, for no pay. That makes it possible for us to run this on a shoestring budget of € 1000-1500 a month. If we were to put the dogs in boarding kennels, it would cost us at least €2500-3000 a month.
We are supported by some amazing people who every now and then organises raffles, auctions or fundraisers, but that can’t be done every month. There is no grant, we are not propped up by a bigger organisation who can bail us out if we run out of funds. There are utilities to be paid each month, cleaning supplies to be bought, dog food to be bought, vet bills to pay. There is a car to keep on the road, to take dogs to the vet, to transports, to bring dog food home.
Apart from the dogs available for rehoming, there are also three permanent residents here. Spooky dogs who are too nervous around new situations to be adopted out, and one palliative care case.
If we have to close down, and that is a prospect we worry about all the time, our places for greyhounds to be rehomed will simply disappear, and even fewer greyhounds will get a chance of a permanent home each year.

There are over 2000 followers of this page. If even half of you could donate €1 a month, it would make such a difference to us. Think about it. One euro a month is less than a cup of coffee.
You can make a world of difference by joining out Teaming group
Please note. When you sign up for Teaming, you will need to confirm your registration by replying to an email from them. Check your Spam folder if it doesn’t appear.
or you can set up a monthly donation to our PayPal account

Thank you, and Happy Holidays from all of us here 💕💕💕

Christmas appeal

Like every other rescue in this country we are constantly struggling to stay afloat, and we are wholly dependant on donations to be able to continue to help greyhounds find homes. We have very small margins and unexpected expenses can create chaos. Every single penny that comes in goes to paying all the costs associated with running a rescue. Luckily the human in charge is willing to work for food and board, but there are still bills to pay every month, and a dog mobile to keep on the road. So please, if you have something to spare this Christmas, do think of the dogs here. We are only a small rescue, but we know we make a huge difference for every dog who comes into our care.
It would also make us really happy if lots of people signed up for our micro donation group at Teaming. It is only one euro a month per person, but with enough Teamers we could have some real security. The link to our Teaming group can be found at our webpage, on the How To Help page.
Our PayPal is

Many thanks and seasonal best wishes from all of us here.


Phoebe was spayed last week, but she is now back to her usual goofy self. Although she was terrified about being at the vets (strange place, strange people) she rallied very quickly once she was back home. Spooks can be challenging, but they make very loving pets in the right home and with a patient and understanding owner. Underneath her fear, Phoebe is loving, cuddly, playful and a typical silly, young greyhound.