More goodbyes

More goodbyes. Today Marcus and Pique left for their new lives in the UK. Both have been with me for a long time, and it was bittersweet sending them off. But I look forward to seeing them finally get the homes they so well deserve. Love you and miss you boys. Many, many thanks to Michelle Hawkes and the Scottish Greyhound Sanctuary for giving these two loveable boys this opportunity 💕💕💕

Run free Maude the Menace

Run free Maude the Menace 💔
Caspers Babe
12th October 2011 – 19th May 2019

Yesterday morning I had to say good bye to Maude. She was injured in an accident on Saturday evening, and in spite of surgery her life could not be saved.
Maude arrived to me from the pound in 2013, she was not even two years old and very fearful of practically everything. It also turned out that she had a very forceful character, strong opinions on everything and a fierce loyalty to those she took a liking to. She leaves a gap too large to be filled and she is missed more than words can convey.
Run free and high, darling 💔