Meet Priscilla

Meet Priscilla ❤ She is only 19 months old, but have decided that racing is not for her. Instead she will focus on a career as a pet greyhound. Priscilla is only a tiny slip of a greyhound. Very sweet and friendly. There will be more information on her once we get to know her.

Four lucky dogs

Four lucky dogs started their journey to Italy and their new lives today. Best of luck, Thomas, Flora, Raymond and Ricky ❤❤❤
Many thanks to Eileen for help with the transport. And many thanks to Victoria for giving Raymond the peace and quiet he needed to blossom, and to Haroun for minding him over the weekend. It does take a village to give these amazing hounds a great future.
To the team at GACI, thanks for finding such great homes for our greyhounds.
Safe journey, and joyous future ❤❤❤