Little Tassie have made herself at home. She was spayed last week, and here she is enjoying a shady spot in the garden. This girl is a little gem. Always happy and friendly, great around the other dogs and just a sweetheart.

Looking for foster homes

Have you considered fostering a greyhound for a few months? Maybe you are considering adoption, but would like to have a bit of a test run before you take the plunge? Right now we have several dogs booked to go to Italy in September, and it would benefit a couple of them to learn about being in a home before they move to their forever homes. The dogs are neutered and vaccinated, and Clare Greyhound Sanctuary will cover their food.
If you would like to help a greyhound, and get some real experience of the breed, please get in touch.

The humans birthday on Saturday

Niall here. I have been elected spokesdog for all of us at the Sanctuary. It is the humans birthday on Saturday, and since we are quite useless at baking cakes, I thought I would organise another birthday present for her. Did you know that you can help us greyhounds here by donating as little as €1 a month? It is super simple and safe. All you have to do is go to teaming.net and choose Clare Greyhound Sanctuary. You can change the language to English in the upper right hand corner. Many small euros every month will help a lot.
Thanks for listening 💕