Happy Christmas

It is time to say a massive thank you to everyone who has liked, shared, donated and adopted this year ❤
On a day to day basis this is a one person operation, but none of this would be possible without the enormous support from some pretty outstanding people.
Anne Houben runs the webpage and the web shop, and she somehow also finds time to organise raffles and auctions.
Petra Elex who organises such amazing auctions.
Julieann and John, whose kindness and generosity is boundless.
Annie Rinkenbach, who makes coats, donates to auctions and appeals, and always provides support and ideas.
David Betts, who shares the proceeds from his great photos of horses between the greyhounds here and a horse rescue.
Haroun has been providing invaluable help, and also donated a very needed lawnmower and dishwasher.
Mary and Alison at the The Pet and Hardware Superstore in Ennis, always generous and kind.
Lotta and Marja, always.
Sabine for being endlessly supportive.
Eileen, for always being there. In good times and bad (and this year has been rough).
GACI in Italy as Friends Forever in Sweden, finds amazing homes for the hounds here.
To everyone at Ceithre Cos, who takes such excellent care of the hounds.
Big thanks also goes to Victoria, Kate, Linda, Jennifer, Abi and Mairead, and everyone at Archgrove Kennels.

Some years are tougher then others, and this year we unexpectedly and shockingly lost two very special dogs, Maude and Niall. Their absence is felt every day, but we hope to honour their memory by continuing to find homes for the living, breathing greyhounds who needs forever homes to go to.

Thank you so much everyone, and I wish everyone a very happy festive season! 🎄🎄🎄✨✨✨

Good bye darkness

Today we say good bye the darkness and look forward to the return of the light. We also want to say a very big thank you to everyone who responded to our Christmas appeal. Thank you, your donations makes all the difference ❤✨