My lovely, kind unicorn

One year ago today I picked up the two unicorns of the greyhound world. The two Dun coloured brothers, Donal and Niall. They were mere babies, only 19 months old. Donal is happily rehomed in Italy, Niall, who is blind and has a chronic illness, is still with me. My lovely, kind unicorn ❤❤❤

Marcus and Pique

In May these two handsome and fab boys will travel to the UK. I am immensely grateful to Michelle Hawkes and the Scottish Greyhound Sanctuary for giving Marcus and Pique the opportunity to get adopted. But a part of me is devastated that they never got that opportunity here in Ireland. The wast majority of greyhounds in rescues here in Ireland ends up travelling abroad. Let’s change that. Greyhounds make the best pets. ❤❤❤