The lovely Niall

You can see for yourself that he is extremely handsome and stunning. He is also kind, affectionate, easy going and an all round good guy. Niall gets along with everyone, he travels well and loves to meet new people.
But, there is always, but 🙁 Niall has a chronic condition, Diabetes Insipidous, which requires twice daily medication, and blood tests every nine months to make sure that his values are as they should. He is also almost blind. In spite of these disadvantages Niall enjoys his life to the full. He loves to run and play, to go for walks and to have cuddles. We hope that somewhere there is a home that is just right for Niall. A home that understands that caring for a special needs dog can be very satisfying. Let’s find Niall that home.

Bad news regarding Dora’s legs

Unfortunately there is bad news regarding Dora’s legs. It turns out she has a large bone tumour. It would require major surgery to scope it out, and as she also have her unfused growth plates to deal with, it would mean several large operations, and all the risks that entail. We are not sure all this would be in Dora’s best interest. She is a dog who loves to run and play, being confined for a long time after multiple surgeries would affect her very badly. Instead we will focus on pain management, and when she shows signs of no longer enjoying her life, she will be let go.
There is a lot of heartache here today 💔